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Organic Face Moisturizer

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Organic Face Moisturizer

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Sun spots, hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines and scars will soon become a fading memory as this Face Moisturizer uses all natural and organic carrier oils and essential oils to hydrate your skin and make you look younger! We only use superfood, organic oils, researched and touted for their amazing abilities to help heal dry skin on the face and dry skin rashes, while helping to fade and erase skin pigmentation, wrinkles, lines and scars. While we have different formulas of Face Moisturizer for different skin types ~ Mature, Dry Skin, Hyper pigmentation and Sensitive/Acne ~ we use some of the basic same carrier oils and essential oils across all of our lines and all of them include anti-aging properties (you're never to young to start)! Our carrier oil bases all include organic beeswax. Being a natural humectant, beeswax is an important ingredient in our natural face moisturizer.

Argan Oil ~ Argan Oil is often referred to as 'liquid gold' and has been a popular oil for centuries for it's beautifying effects. Packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it's a nourishing superfood for your skin. Argan Oil is highly recognized for it's remarkable ability in caring of aging skin, hydrating even the driest of skin yet also great for oily skin as it works to control oil production, balancing and neutralizing the skin's natural oil production, which helps get rid of acne and blemishes. It's also great for sensitive skin in helping relieve conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. When combined with Rosehip Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, it creates a highly profound therapeutic base for this Face Moisturizer.

Rosehip Seed Oil ~ A top source of Vitamin C, known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin all while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars, Rosehips were used by many ancient cultures for it's many healing properties. With skin rejuvenating properties like Vitamin C and Lycopene, Rosehip Seed Oil is a safe solution to repair the skin's surface, restore elasticity and and protect against sun and pollution stressors that can lead to wrinkles. This is due to the oil's ability to penetrate deep into the layers of skin, while high amounts of Vitamin C and A stimulate collagen production for an anti-aging effect. Non-greasy and super light, it's an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which combats free radicals that cause sun damage. Vitamin A, combined with the essential oil's fatty acids, can help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation; the fatty acids found in Rosehip Oil can help reduce the effects of eczema and reduce scarring by promoting skin regeneration.

Emu Oil ~ Dense with rich omega 3,6 and 9 Emu oil absorbs into the skin easily because it contains fat lipids that are similar to those found in the top layer of the skin. The oil is also able to break through the barrier of the skin and penetrate deep within the surface, allowing it to act as a powerful moisturizer. It can be used to smooth dry skin patches and reduce itching and flakiness from dry skin. Because of emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it has the power to reduce swelling and a number of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. It also stimulates skin cell regeneration and circulation, so it can help those suffering from thinning skin to create more youthful looking skin and it helps to reduce the appearance of scars, burns, stretch marks, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, sun spots and sun damage.

Our formula's can be custom created to treat your specific skin problem! Just contact us for a custom consultation, free of charge. Or enjoy our already created superfood; organic food for your face.