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Organic Makeup Travel Set

Our organic makeup sampler kit has all the basics to get you started! This makeup is 100% natural and organic with no parabens, phthlates, fillers, alcohol, preservatives or any other crap! Just plant based, organic goodness. Our sampler kit includes the following:

🌸 One .25 oz Organic BB Cream Foundation
🌸 One 10 ml Organic Face Powder
🌸 One Organic Blush (5g)
🌸 One 5ml Organic Mascara - 5 ml in a Glass Container with Wand
🌸 One Organic Eyeliner - 2.5 ml in Glass Container with Wand

**please include your color choices in the checkout notes, and specify if you would not like the wands**

All of our products are made from scratch and by hand in the Pacific Northwest. We only use pure, USDA Certified Organic and food grade ingredients whenever possible. We never test on animals and never ask other companies to test on animals for us. We also only use sustainable ingredients. 

Our products are gluten free and free from palm oil, water, alcohol, synthetics, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, fillers, talc, SLS/SLES...we could go on and on about the ingredients we don't use! We strive to only use ingredients that are safe enough to eat. 

Free shipping for orders over $55. Orders usually ship within 4 business days of being placed. You will receive a shipping confirmation when your order ships.

For In-store pickup, please allow 2-4 days for processing. You will be notified once your order is complete and ready for pick-up.

Due to the artisanal and sensitive nature of our products, we do not offer exchanges or returns for reasons of general dissatisfaction on used products. Each and every one of our products are hand crafted and hand poured with the utmost care and for safety reasons, we refrain from restocking, reselling or accepting used items.


Customer Reviews

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The sample kit is a genius way to immerse...

The sample kit is a genius way to immerse yourself in a green lifestyle you won’t regret. It’s a learning curve if you are going from traditional makeup, to organic makeup, but your face and skin will thank you for the switch. Larissa has been more than helpful along the way in answering all of my questions regarding application. Wonderful experience! Keep up the amazing quality and ingredients, and you will have yourself a lifetime supporter!

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

So many amazing samples! I haven’t been ab...

So many amazing samples! I haven’t been able to try everything yet, but I really love the mascara and eyeliner! It takes awhile to dry, but it’s worth it knowing that I’m not putting chemicals on my face!

I have been looking for a good alternative...

I have been looking for a good alternative to drug store makeup that has safe ingredients and works well. I was super impressed with this sample pack! I love how the BB cream, face powder and blush combination look together!:) creates a really pretty natural look and the best part is that all the ingredients are totally safe! The mascara and eyeliner take a little bit of getting used to since they take longer to dry than drug store brand makeup but once you practice and get the hang of it i can hardly tell the difference anymore :). One thing I did find tho was that giving the eyeliner a good shake before applying helps it go on a bit smoother, and the mascara may take an extra coat to get to the desired coverage. Other than a small adjustment period I love larissas's products and will definately be back once mine run out!:)

Iv already ordered full sizes of both of t...

Iv already ordered full sizes of both of these. I have skin that is dry one day and oily the next. On dry days I used the bb cream, it quenched my skins thirst and evened my skin tone. On days where I feel oily I brush on some powder instead, the powder leaves my skin feeling smooth and doesn’t dry my skin out. they both feel light on the skin and both protect my skin from the sun. I couldn’t ask for more.

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