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Bee You Organics

Hand-Crafted from Scratch in the PNW. Good for You. Good for the Earth.

Our Story

(It's about being you)

Hi! I'm Larissa and the Founder of Bee You Organics. I was raised holistically, but when I was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 16, which resulted in permanent scarring on my face, I realized that the traditional makeup and skincare I’d been using wasn’t going to work for me anymore. They weren’t helping to heal my scars or to hide them. I had sensitive skin and they were only aggravating the problem more. And so I set out to learn how to heal my skin and started creating my own formulas.

I knew that if you had dry skin, alcohol and water would not help moisturize it. Yet, alcohol and water are the top ingredients in most moisturizers. I knew that people had used ingredients from the earth for centuries before corporations and big businesses came about so I began researching alternatives. 

When I became a mother, I became keenly aware that most products labeled “organic” or “natural” really weren’t. They still used preservatives, parabens or other synthetics, ingredients that I really didn’t want on my skin or my babies. I suddenly became obsessed with making my home completely chemical free. And Bee You Organics was born. 

 It only takes 28 seconds for your skin to absorb what you put on it and children's skin absorbs much faster. In a highly unregulated industry, we realized that no one was looking out for our health and that many businesses put profit over people. Simply put, the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours. 

We are a small, family owned business that believes in education, health and people. We handcraft all of our products in our shop and source our ingredients ethically. We use organic whenever possible and are eco friendly and use sustainable practices and support sustainable, eco friendly and fair trade companies and people.  I believe if people really knew what was going into their food and products, they wouldn’t be buying them. We are here to help change that. When you buy from us, you are making a difference for you and for a family, supporting their dream. See for yourself and feel the difference.