DIY Flea & Tick Collar

With the CDC reporting that tick and mosquito infections are increasing and spreading rapidly, it's important that you protect everyone in your family during this time of the year. Rather than use chemical laden and toxic filled products, make your own, safely and simply. 

Here's a simple flea, tick and mosquito collar for your four legged friend that's chemical and toxic free and safe for dogs over 12 weeks old. 

For this project you'll need a leather collar and essential oils (see below for list). If you don't have a leather collar, that's ok! You can still make one and I'll explain how below.

1. Remove leather collar from dog and lay flat on a hard surface. Make sure  the side not against your dog's skin is facing up. You will want to make sure you're putting the oils on the side away from your dogs skin.

2. Add 5 drops of each essential oil of choice on collar, being careful to spread the drops out equally along the collar. Add the drops on the side that won't be on your dog's skin. 

3. Allow to fully dry before placing back on. Repeat steps 1-3 about every 2 weeks or when you can no longer smell a scent.

That's it! For my puppy, I used Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Lavender, Geranium, Cedarwood, Lavender and Sweet Orange.

If you don't have a leather collar, you can use a cotton collar or even a bandanna will work to tie around your dogs neck. The difference here would be--And This Is Important--that you would need to use a bowl and carrier oil (I'd recommend sweet almond oil to nourish your friend's skin). You'll need enough carrier oil in the bowl to soak your collar or bandanna. Add essential oils to the carrier oil, stir throughly, place collar into mixture and soak until it's absorbed. Remove and let completely dry before placing on your dog. 

Any of the oils below are approved Dog Safe Essential Oils for fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Click on the links to read studies from NCBI National Library regarding their efficiency.

*Lavender (ticks/fleas)

*Lemon (mosquito)

*Citronella (mosquitos/fleas)

*Sage/Clary Sage (mosquitos/ticks)

*Bergamot (insect repellent)

*Sweet Orange (fleas)

*Cedarwood (ticks/fleas)

*Lemon Eucalyptus (mosquitos)

*Lemongrass (mosquitos & house flies)

*Peppermint (mosquitos/fleas)

*Geranium (ticks/fleas)

*Rosemary (mosquitos/flies/ticks)

Let us know how your collar works out for you in the comments below or please ask if you have any questions!  We hope you enjoy a tick and flea free summer!

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I use rosemary essential oil on my dogs collar once a week. 2 or 3 drops is all they need. I have 8 dogs and none of them have fleas or ticks!!

Roxann June 20, 2023

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