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After a car accident at 16 left me with permanent scars on my face, I tried everything on the market to help hide my scars and heal my extremely sensitive skin.

I’d been raised not to wear skincare and makeup because of the ingredients in them (and also to be an avid label reader—I’ll get to that further down if you stick with me).

But, of course, I rebelled since I figured those big names had to know some secret that would help my skin.

How wrong I was! All those products led to red, flakey and inflamed skin.

So I started reading the labels of everything in my drawers. And then I understood the issue. 

Water and oil don’t mix.

As soon as a cheap filler like water is added to a product, emollients have to be added to combine the two, emulsifiers have to be added to soften the water and, since water introduces bacteria, preservatives have to be added.

Not to mention other ingredients like fragrances, parabens and more.

Many of those ingredients are known to cause skin irritation and health issues.

The European Union has banned over 1300 ingredients in skincare and makeup while the United States has only banned 13. 13!

Once I removed all those ingredients from my skincare and makeup, my skin did a complete turn around. My acne cleared, my scars started disappearing and my pock marks started filling in. 

I finally felt good about the products I was putting on my skin and I felt good in my skin.

I started Bee You Organics in my desire to help others have access to healthy and effective skincare and makeup.

All of our products are created from scratch and by hand in the Pacific Northwest.

Because we never use water or alcohol in any of our products, they are very concentrated and a little bit goes a very long way.

 I opened an Etsy shop in 2017 and a brick and mortar store in Spokane, Washington in 2019.

My husband and I have four kids, two rescue dogs and thousands of girls…my honeybees.

I’m a hobby beekeeper and am on the executive team of the oldest and largest bee club in Washington State; we help educate others and spread our passion of bees. 

You can learn more about us, our bees and our products on our social media pages. 

And please reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you for caring about the earth,

Larissa Warren

Founder, Bee You Organics


Larissa, with her husband and their four children.


scars on face from a car accident

 Larissa at 16. The accident that started it all.