Installing a New Honeybee Package

Watch as we take you through the process of installing a new package of honeybees. 

Package day is an exciting time of the year for beekeepers who are starting new hives (and don't have a current hive to split off of). 

Each package holds roughly 12,000 (or 3 pounds) of bees. 

I lost both of my hives over the winter so I'm starting from scratch again this year. Beekeepers have been losing an average of 60-70% of over-wintered hives over the last few years. These numbers have been steadily rising over the years.

If you're interested in beekeeping, reach out to your local bee club or feel free to contact us!

Keep in mind that what we do for our area may not be the correct thing to do in your area. Each area is specific to its own "micro-climate" for best practices. That's why it's important to always connect with your local bee club to learn the best way of care for your area. 

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