12 Zero Waste Products for a Greener Beauty Routine

When it comes to zero waste living, the first thing to remember is that less is more – you don’t need all that colorful plastic packaging, which undoubtedly ends up in the landfill, since there are plenty of options that are suitable for reusing or recycling.

More and more beauty brands are now taking the plunge and offering conscious choices (plus you can always go for the DIY versions, for which we have tons of suggestions!). Instead of plastic bottles, pick glass, paper, cloth, bamboo or metal. Or skip the packaging entirely, by picking “naked” soap bars and replacing liquid shampoo or body lotion with their solid bar alternatives.

Here are our beauty recommendations for those of you looking to reduce your footprint on the environment:

Bee You Organics Organic Face Powder: Not only is this face powder made with natural ingredients, but it also reduces waste with its packaging. Bee You Organics accepts all containers back for refills, reuse or recycling.




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