Sustainable Jungle's Zero Waste Makeup Options for Going Green

About Bee You Organics Makeup

Bee You Organics specializes in eco friendly personal care products for the face and body, including some pretty luxurious spa kits!

For sustainable make-up options, the lovely owner, Larissa makes 100% organic sun-protective bb creams, face powders, mineral eye-shadows, eyeliner, and mascara. Everything you need!

Please note that some products, like her mineral eye and face powders, come in tins with plastic sifters, which she will happily omit entirely upon request.

About Bee You Organics

This Pacific Northwest-based mother and make-up formulator was raised all-natural and holistic from a young age.

After rebelling against this lifestyle in her teenage years and getting in a horrible car accident, which left her with scarring and lots of sensitivity to her face, she returned to those roots.

Now, all her products are designed to sooth and heal, which leads to her “focus is on ingredients”.

Everything she uses is ethically sourced from reputable supplies, non-GMO, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and preservative-free (no SLS!). Most ingredients are organic. All products are 100% cruelty-free and palm oil free (including free of palm oil derivatives).

On the website, you can even read a full list of ingredients, their properties, and why she uses them. We love the transparency!

As with Fat and the Moon, her bb cremes are not all are strictly vegan as they contain beeswax. Some of their face serums and moisturizers also include emu oil which is not vegan. However, there are plenty of vegan options available.

Bee You Organics sources their beeswax from local bee farmers and claims to harm no bees in the process. They are also starting their own apiary this year and support local bee research projects through WSU.

For packaging, they offer tin, glass or paperboard options for all their zero waste make-up and other products (just ask!) and plan to eliminate all plastic packaging. They also accept returns of used containers for recycling/reuse. Their packages all ship in recycled and recyclable packaging (some compostable e.g. EcoEnclose).

Everything from their paper (handmade seeded or recycled), to bags (100% organic cotton muslin), ink and even their shipping labels are recyclable, recycled and/or reusable. They are made from renewable sources and utilize post-consumer waste.

Bee You Organics supports local and small business when possible and also supports various charities in their community. When they start hiring, they plan to hire economically disadvantaged woman and provide a daycare for their children while they work.

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