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100% Pure Beeswax Pillar Candles

Delight your senses with the intoxicating sweet smell of honey and beeswax 🐝🕯
There's just something about these old fashioned beeswax pillar candle that takes you back in time, relaxing and restoring your mind, helping you to feel more relaxed, sensual and creative.

Beeswax pillar candles are the most natural and oldest type of candle around.

Made with 100% cotton braided wick. The large pillars can be hugged after burning to completely burn the whole candle, or can be left alone to create a luminary that can be used for votives and tea lights.

Please choose your candle type in the options. This listing is for only one candle of your choice.

🕯 We only use 100% pure, organic beeswax from local bee farmers in the PNW to create each unique, hand-poured beeswax candle. We are 100% cruelty free.

🕯 A true gift from nature, beeswax candles burn longer, brighter and stronger than other candles, without any of the additives, chemicals or fillers.

🕯 These beeswax candles give off a sweet, warming honey aroma and are a dripless candle.

🕯 Because Beeswax candles are unique, please carefully read the burning instructions included with your candle for proper use and care. You must not blow out a beeswax candle. 

100% pure, organic beeswax

Beeswax candles need to burn until the wax pool covers the top; the standard is one hour per every inch across the top. (Example: a 2" wide candle would need to be burned for a minimum of 2 hours)

Light the wick at the base to create a wax pool. Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".

When extinguishing, use a candle extinguisher to push the wick into the warm beeswax. Blowing out your beeswax candle may result in unsatisfactory burning the next time you light it. Immediately straighten the wick back up.

After extinguishing, "hug" the candle inwards, using your fingers or hand to wrap around and gently push the beeswax towards the center. This will prevent "tunneling." (Unless, of course, you want to create beeswax luminaries)!

Everything we make is made from scratch and by hand in our shop in the Pacific Northwest, using only fair trade and organic, food grade ingredients.

We never use alcohol, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, synthetic or artificial ingredients. All of our products are gluten free and cruelty free.

We always ship 100% plastic free with naturally biodegradable shipping boxes and a recyclable shipping label. All our shipping supplies are made in the USA. 

Free shipping for orders over $75 in the US. If the order is under $75, there is a $5 flat rate shipping fee for all orders shipped to the US. All packages are shipped USPS First Class and a tracking number will be emailed to you when your order ships. 

For international orders, the shipping rate will be determined by country and weight of package. 

Orders usually ship within 2-4 business days of being placed. 

For In-Store Pickup in Spokane, Washington, orders are usually ready day of.  You will be notified once your order is complete and ready for pick-up. 

If you have never tried our products before, we recommend starting with the travel/sample size. This is to ensure it works for you and you like it before purchasing the full size. 

Due to the artisanal and sensitive nature of our products, we do not offer exchanges or returns for reasons of general dissatisfaction on used products. Each and every one of our products are hand crafted and hand poured with the utmost care and for safety reasons, we refrain from restocking, reselling or accepting used items.

With that being stated, we want you to love your products as much as we do. If you package arrives damaged, please contact us immediately. If you have questions or issues, please reach out to us for assistance. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Victoria M

Loving the candles and the special gift was appreciated! Will keep coming back to this shop as have never been disappointed with a product


The mini candle in the shape of a beehive is just adorable.

Laurel P

The beehive candle looks just as presented. It is solid and smells great. Excellent delivery time. I am very pleased with this purchase!

Ashlee Hirthe
Beautiful candles, smell amazing, and burn...

Beautiful candles, smell amazing, and burn wonderfully

Ashlee S

Beautiful candles, smell amazing, and burn wonderfully

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